A young women is having glowing skin
02 Mar 2021

7 Step Approach to Skin Wellness

Your skin needs as much love and care as the other body parts. It keeps shedding through the day, and the dead skin cells can get accumulated on the surface and clog the pores. Therefore, it is...

a woman is lying on bed with red specks
17 Feb 2021

What Should You Not Do Before Laser Hair Removal?

Hair is unwanted if it is present anywhere else on the body other than the scalp. Overgrown body or facial hair can make you embarrassed, and its removal can be painful, taxing and a recurring...

a hand is full of black ink
12 Feb 2021

6 Tips When You're Preparing for Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are forever! However, if you feel that the art form no longer represents your personality or feelings, you can get rid of it. Most people rely on laser tattoo removal in Melbourne to...

a young lady is holding a machine in hand
05 Feb 2021

9 Powerful Tattoo Removal Tips To Speed Up The Process

Getting a tattoo is the most significant decision in life as it leaves a permanent mark. However, the most exciting plans of getting inked can also go awry and lead to undesirable results. Thus, many...

a man is getting the laser tattoo removal
29 Jan 2021

How Is Removing A Coloured Tattoo Different from Single Ink Tattoo?

Tattoos are a style statement for some, and it is a way to express themselves for others. Sometimes they take the shape of an ethnic art form, and at others, they represent a symbol of affection for...

18 Jan 2021

Laser Treatments Vs. Microneedling: Which Is Right For You?

Beautiful and blemish-free skin is the dream of every individual suffering from wrinkles, brown spots, and acne scars. The popular treatments for these problems which have become highly sought-after...

A beautiful women has a flower tattoo
12 Jan 2021

Why Do My Laser Tattoo Removal Results Appear Unsatisfactory?

A vast number of people live with unwanted tattoos because they no longer relate to their body art. The reasons for regret are many, but most want a permanent solution. Laser tattoo removal in...

a red spot is visible on legs
04 Jan 2021

Which Skin Problems Can Affect Laser Hair Removal

There is no better relief than giving up shaving, waxing and tweezing of unwanted body hair. With the growing popularity of laser hair removal in Melbourne, it has become possible to say goodbye to...

there is coloured tattoo on muscle
21 Dec 2020

What Colour Tattoo Is Hardest To Remove?

Although lasers have made it easier than ever to remove tattoos permanently, there are a few factors that can make the treatment lengthier. The colour of the tattoo is one of them. While some colours...

beautiful woman is wearing black specks
10 Dec 2020

How Can You Get The Best Results From Laser Hair Removal?

Hair-free skin is everyone’s dream. It makes you feel beautiful and smooth and soft to touch. However, the process of achieving the result is not so easy. Either you have to go through the...