The Most Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

For safe and successful removal of black and multi-coloured tattoos

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    At Fresh Skin Canvas, we utilise the most advanced laser available for safe and effective laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, precisely without harming the surrounding skin. Our clinicians perform this procedure with the utmost care and expertise, providing you with the desired results. This treatment is performed on all skin types.

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    How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

    Looking for professional laser tattoo removal in Melbourne? At Fresh Skin Canvas, we use Medical Grade Laser for safe laser tattoo removal. Melbourne clients can count on us to use safe, sanitary equipment and methods. The QX Max laser removes your unwanted tattoo with specialised light which is absorbed by the tattoo ink. This rapid absorption of the laser energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles, which is then removed by the body’s natural filtering system. It can remove both professional, amateur (homemade), traumatic and surgical tattoos.

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    Our Laser Tattoo Removal Services Include:

    • Tattoo Removal
    • Tattoo Fading
    • Custom Tattoo Modifications

    The number of sessions for laser tattoo removal our Melbourne clients need depends on the volume, type, colour, and the depth of the ink within the dermal layers of the skin. Experts at our laser tattoo removal clinic in Melbourne will assess your individual needs and create a customised plan for you. To book in a session at our laser tattoo removal clinic, Melbourne locals can contact us on 03 9481 7272 or enquire online.

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    At Fresh Skin Canvas our world class leading Medical Grade Fotona QX MAX laser system offers four wavelengths in one for effective tattoo removal in Melbourne. Each different wavelength is preferentially attracted to different tattoo colours. With four wavelengths to choose from, it maximises the chance of removal for all tattoo colours on all skin types, previously considered impossible. The 532nm wavelength is attracted to red, tan, purple and orange, whilst the 1064nm is attracted to black, brown, dark blue, grey, and yellow. The 585nm is attracted to sky blue and our 650nm attracted to green.

    The QX MAX transmits extremely short energy pulses that cause tattoo pigments to break into smaller particles that are then removed by the body’s own immune system and defence mechanisms.

    Our Fotona QX MAX Q-Switched laser tattoo removal technology generates single nanosecond pulses, which are more efficient at removing pigment than other systems that use multiple-pulse technologies. Single pulses are not affected by the optical shielding phenomenon arising from pigment destruction.Consequently more and deeper lying structures can be reached and removed, and laser treatment efficacy and efficiency in a single session are significantly greater. This means we can treat you with much more power giving you a better quicker and safer result.

    With Q-switched laser there is minimal heat energy transferred to the skin reducing the risk of damage to surrounding skin tissues, commonly known as Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT). Although Q-switched laser treatments require several sessions to successfully remove or fade a tattoo, they have the greatest chance of returning your skin to its previous state in comparison to the other methods of laser tattoo removal Melbourne.
    Q-switched lasers allow for complete removal of the tattoo, or just to fade it so the area can be tattooed over for those wanting to change or update their tattoos.

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    Impact of Treatment For Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

    After treatment for laser tattoo removal, Melbourne clients may notice their tattoo appears slightly raised and frosted (white) in appearance immediately after the laser tattoo removal treatment, this is the skin’s protective mechanism.

    The laser treatment creates enough of a response in the ink particles that the skin tries to shield itself from further destruction.

    There may be some pinpoint bleeding with scab or blister formation. An antibiotic dressing must be applied daily until the area is healed. You may bathe normally but we do suggest you minimise vigorous activity for a few days to optimise healing after your treatment.

    It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks to completely heal and the treated skin may appear like a wound/scab during this time. It is important not to pick at any scabs formed by the treatment and to keep the treated area out of direct sunlight, applying sunscreen where exposure cannot be avoided. We advise that you keep the area protected and apply Bepanthen ointment regularly to keep it moist until the scabs fall off.

    Some patients may experience itching in the treatment area in the weeks after laser tattoo removal Melbourne, a mild hydrocortisone cream from your chemist can be applied to assist with this.

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    Stuck With An Unwanted Tattoo?

    Get rid of it permanently with safe and effective laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. Call us today to book an appointment.

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    Number Of Sessions Required For Laser Tattoo Removal In Melbourne

    Usually, multiple treatments are required for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. The exact duration varies for each individual, and there are several elements that determine how many treatments are required. Let us look at them.

    Professional tattoos tend to be harder to remove than amateur tattoos and therefore require more treatments. The reason behind this is that professionals insert the ink into the deeper layers, which becomes challenging to remove.

    Multi-coloured tattoos also take more time than single ink tattoos because different colours absorb different wavelengths.

    For the complete removal of the ink, professional tattoos usually require approximately 6-10 sessions depending on the colours, size, age, and the desired result. For fading a tattoo (to cover up with a new design), only a couple of sessions may be required.

    Treatments are generally performed approximately six to eight weeks apart. It enables the body time to eliminate the tattoo pigment particles through the body’s natural defence mechanism and lymphatic system between the treatments.

    Fresh Skin Canvas uses a world-class laser system to remove the ink as safely as possible. The advanced laser technology also reduces the number of treatments and completes it faster.

    To get a customised timeline for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, you can contact us today.

    Factors that determine how many sessions will be required include:

    • COLOUR
    Factors that determine how many sessions will be required include:

    Tattooing methods have changed over time, with newer techniques often distributing more ink deeper into the skin. Besides the placement of the ink, the age of the tattoo is also a significant factor that decides the duration of the treatment. Older tattoos tend to fade over the years as our body identifies the ink as foreign material and tries to expel it using the lymphatic system. However, the ink pigment is too large to be eliminated completely and thus gets faded with age.
    The laser helps in disintegrating the ink into tiny particles that are easily carried by the lymphatic system and removed from the body. Since the older tattoos are already faded, there is less amount of saturated colour to be expelled from the body. Thus, it takes less time to remove a tattoo that was made years ago than recently done artwork.

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    Tattooing the skin can often lead to complications such as scarring and other changes in the tissue that make the tattoo more difficult to remove by laser. It usually occurs when the tattoo artist pushes the needle deeper into the dermis and damages the surrounding tissues, which leads to scarring or keloids. The scars appear as raised skin folds that look like the creases on the skin after an injury.
    Where these complications exist, more sessions may be required to remove the tattoos. Other treatments may be used in conjunction with tattoo removal to assist in breaking down the existing scar tissue, enabling the achievement of the desired result. Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is often utilised to get rid of the keloid scarring. In addition, following the aftercare instructions of the practitioner makes sure that there are no side effects from the laser treatment, and you get your smooth skin back.

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    Tattoo ink is broken down by laser and taken away by the body’s lymphatic and immune systems. However, the blood supply and lymphatic drainage are different for different body parts. The greatest supply is in the head, neck, and upper body and the least is in the extremities. The parts which are closer to the heart have higher circulation while the parts which are farther away from the heart have lower circulation rate.
    Therefore, tattoos that are situated in areas of high blood supply and lymphatic drainage usually require fewer treatments for removal as the ink gets expelled quickly. The healing between the sessions is also faster, which further shortens the timeline. So, if you have a tattoo in the upper part of the body, then you can have a faster treatment than those who have their tattoos in the lower part of the body.

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    Tattoos that have been tattooed over tend to be more difficult to remove due to the increased amount of ink and number of colours. In such cases, the dermis is usually filled with the ink of the old tattoo and the higher concentration of ink of the new one which gives it a complete cover-up. Thus, more sessions are required to break down the old and the new ink pigment.
    Also, the presence of a higher number of colours means that more wavelengths will be utilised by the practitioner, which again increases the duration of the procedure. Therefore, if you have undergone a cover-up and are looking for the removal of the layered tattoo, then you will have to go through a longer treatment than others. You must make sure that your immune system is strong to get rid of the fragmented ink quickly and speed up the process.

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    Black and darker colours tend to be the most readily removed. However, yellow, green, and multi-coloured tattoos require more treatments to achieve the desired results. The reason behind this is that the ink pigment absorbs the energy directed on it, which breaks it down and helps in its removal through the natural filtration process. However, lighter shades of ink absorb less amount of energy and take more time to break down. On the other hand, darker shades absorb a broad spectrum of light energy and are shattered quickly, which makes them easier to remove.

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    From full back pieces, to neck, leg and arm sleeves or even the finest of line modifications.
    Fresh Skin Canvas are passionate about helping you remove or fade those unwanted areas of body art you no longer identify with. So, whether you are looking for a slight modification or want to fade the entire ink, you can contact us for a consultation.
    Tattoo modifications are often required by people who do not want to completely remove their art form. They want to get it faded, or a part of it removed to give it a new twist with a new layer of ink. We customise the fading or partial removal of the ink with the help of laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. It is faster than complete removal and thus is preferred by those who need quick results.

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    Tattoos with minimal ink or only outlines tend to be easier to remove and require fewer sessions than heavily inked and solid areas, such as tribal tattoos. Thus, if you have an already faded tattoo or the one that does not have solid parts, then you can get rid of the ink faster than others. Also, if you have a healthy immune system and lead an active lifestyle, you will witness the results faster. Thus, you must pay attention to the aftercare instructions as they ensure that the treatment is not delayed and is finished on time.

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    Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

    The level of pain depends on the sensitivity of the skin. If you are worried about pain during laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, you can rest assured that it is bearable. Many people compare it to the feeling of a rubber band snapping on the skin.

    To book in a session for our laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, contact us through our website or call on 03 9481 7272.

    The duration of laser tattoo removal depends on a variety of factors. On average, the number of sessions ranges between eight and twelve. Here are the aspects that decide the timeline.
    • Age – If the tattoo is old, it will be already faded and will need lesser sessions than a recent one.
    • Location – Tattoos close to the heart are removed quickly as the blood supply is faster in this region.
    • Depth of Ink – Professional tattoo artists place ink in the deepest layers of the skin, making it harder to remove it and thus require more time.
    • Colours – Black is the easiest colour to remove as it absorbs every wavelength while the lighter shades like white and yellow take time since they need multiple wavelengths for removal.
    • Volume – If there is a higher concentration of ink in the dermis, it will need more sessions.
    • Layering – If the patient is getting a cover-up removed, it will take more time because the ink from both the old and new tattoos will have to be removed.
    Absolutely not! Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is the safest way to remove the ink without hurting the skin. Here is all the information about it.
    • Laser tattoo removal does not burn the skin tissue or cause scarring.
    • At Fresh Skin Canvas, we use highly advanced and latest laser systems which are utilised by our experienced and qualified technicians to get rid of unwanted ink.
    • The heat produced by the laser is absorbed by the ink pigment, which breaks it down.
    • It leads to the expulsion of the ink particles with the help of the lymphatic system and the immune system.
    • The laser works selectively on the ink and does not affect the surrounding skin tissue.
    • However, make sure that you follow all the pre-and post-care instructions carefully to ensure the complete success of the treatment.
    Yes, we can remove all ink colours permanently. Our expert technicians use world-class Fotona QX MAX laser system that offers four wavelengths in one for successful laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. Since different colours absorb different wavelengths, the use of multiple wavelengths helps in speeding up the removal process and offering the desired results. Also, modern technology allows the elimination of all colours that were earlier considered challenging or impossible, such as fluorescent and white. The QX MAX laser system produces single nanosecond pulses which are more effective in reaching the deep-seated ink that cannot be targeted successfully by multiple-pulse technologies.
    Yes! Laser tattoo removal is considered the safest treatment and it works on every skin tone and type. It selectively targets the ink pigment of the tattoo and does no harm to the surrounding skin. If you are physically fit and have no serious health conditions, then you can undergo the treatment without any worries. The practitioner will note down the details of your medical history and medications that you are taking to provide you with the right guidance for the procedure. If you have a history of reactions and allergies, do not forget to mention it to the practitioner. If you are on lifelong medication, then you must consult your doctor about the best way to undergo laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. You may have to stop the medicine for some time or check how it can be continued with the treatment.
    Yes, tattoos on the face and the neck can be safely removed with the help of laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. The skin on the neck and the face is delicate and becomes sore easily, so we make sure to apply a topical numbing cream to make the process comfortable. Also, we provide you with protective non-reflective glasses so that the eyes are not affected by the laser. If the tattoo is present on the eye such as permanent makeup, we make sure to cover the eyes with an ocular eye shield. These are worn under the eyelids and protect the vision of the patient while the laser works on the eyelid. Also, the removal of ink is faster in this region since the vascular supply is significant near the heart. Thus, you can get rid of the ink faster than expected without any side effects or pain.
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